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This software is for entertainment purposes only. By downloading, you agree to obey all laws in your jurisdiction. This software is without warranty, and no guaranties are made for correctness of results. You agree not to attempt to reverse engineer this software, or interfere with or attempt to decrypt the game's communications. All in-game currency is virtual and cannot be redeemed for real world money.
This software requires an online account to function. Sharing account login information between users is prohibited.
Commercial use of this software without explicit permission is prohibited. Please contact support.
Redistribution of this software is prohibited


Note: only 64 bit CPU's are supported, for all platforms.
  • Windows
    • Windows 10, Version 1607 or greater
    • Windows 11, Build 22000 or greater
  • Mac OS
    • Mac OS 12 or greater
  • Linux
    • Debian Derivative
      • Debian 11 or greater
      • Ubuntu 20.04 or greater
      • Linux Mint 20 'Ulyana' or newer