• Cooking up something

    Things have been a little quiet. That's because we're busy cooking up something pretty cool. There's a major new feature coming that will add a lot of value. Soon you will be able to host your own online games, and have other players find and connect to you over the Internet. This will include custom game types and options. We're still working out how different editions will support this feature. Stay tuned!
  • New Update

    There's a new update, version If you downloaded the previous version, please update. This fixes a bug that caused a crash in clients of LAN and online games.
  • New Update

    A new version is out, You can now configure wild cards in the Game Designer. Also the core engine has had some optimization done, it is noticeably faster now, and uses less memory. You can see the engine optimizations in the in-browser demo on this site, it's more responsive now.
  • Open Beta!

    Open Beta is now ready! Anyone may download the game. When you launch the game and create an account, you will be given a trial license for the full software for 3 weeks. After that time, you may purchase a full license, or continue to use the software with reduced functionality in free mode. Note the online game activity might be sparse at first. This software is still in beta development, and not all of it's features are 100% complete. Data created in beta versions of the software might not load in future versions(we will try to avoid those situations when we can).
  • Note: New update

    A few more tweaks and polish were added. NOTE: there have been some issues with the in-app updates occasionally not working. If this happens, simply download the latest version from this site and install over top of the existing application.
  • New Major Release!

    Version is out now. You should be prompted to update next time you run. This build was a major refactoring of the code that was a two week process. In the near future, a "Special Edition" edition of Straight Up Poker will make its way to the Steam platform. This refactoring was largely in preparation for that, and for the mobile apps that are in development. The web-based demo also saw a major overhaul and works a little differently now. One new major feature is Arm64 based Linux support. Straight Up Poker runs on a Raspberry Pi! This is tested on a Raspberry Pi 4 running Raspberry Pi OS. It should run on other Arm64 platforms with Debian-like operating systems. Across all platforms, a new feature in this release is an overhaul of the graphics system. A lot of visual improvements were made to the way the table and cards are drawn. You can now pan and zoom with a mouse, and there is an "auto-zoom" feature that will follow the active player during a game. This graphics overhaul will also help support the planned tutorial and replay highlight/analysis features. This build is actually slightly smaller now because the refactoring reduced some duplicated code and resources.

    We are seeking people who want to help beta-test the latest build. We're looking for people who are a little more than a 'casual user', but want to have an active role in the release process. This is a closed beta test, so you need a code to download the app and another code to create an account. If this sounds like you, please go to the "Feedback" tab and submit a request. Note at this time, we're looking for testers in the US. Don't worry though, if you are outside the US and interested in helping, send the feedback anyways, and you will hear back from us eventually. Beta testers from this round of testing will get their names included in the credits in future releases.
  • Closed Beta News

    The closed beta will be launching soon. You can download the app on the downloads section if you are part of the beta testing.
  • Demo Update

    The demo has been updated to fix a few game play bugs. Occasionally a round could get "stuck" when there were multiple all-in players adjacent to the action player. There is a minor known issue still with all in players when the ante, bring, or blinds put the player all in and there is only one non-all in player left in the hand. That issue doesn't affect game play however, the player is incorrectly offered a chance to raise, but raising will have no effect on the outcome of the hand in that case. Check it out!
  • Updates

    I'm working hard to get all the necessary pieces in place to start the closed beta program. In the mean time, there will be an update soon to the demo that will address a few minor bugs in game play.
  • Under Construction

    Hi There! This site is under construction. The site may go down without warning periodically. Full functionality is coming soon. A closed beta for the desktop application will be launched soon. Please Check back frequently!